"Drawn Together - Season Three (Uncensored)" DVD Review

May 08, 2008 by Zach Demeter

Click Here!If you’re like me, you didn’t realize that Drawn Together kept going on as long as it did. While it was a scant three seasons and thirty-six episodes, the series airing schedule was so erratic that the three seasons took almost exactly three years to air. While a season a year may not seem like a bad deal, considering there were only thirty-six episodes for over a thousand days, it was a heck of a stretch for fans to sit through, especially when the show enjoyed ending on cliffhangers so often.

The shows third season opens with a Greek family moving in near the Drawn Together household and it ends with Captain Hero returning their daughter, who he thought was a goat, to them at the end of the episode. It’s that type of storytelling and logic you can expect from Drawn Together which remains one of the most vile pieces of animation I’ve ever seen…and yet I can’t avert my eyes. While the DVD packaging touts a season that has even more “MORE animated blood, MORE animated vomit, and MORE animated nipples”, the season was no worse than others (and, in fact, I think it actually had LESS animated nipple, but that’s just me being a stickler), but it certainly had a nice crop of episodes that made you laugh hysterically.

For the episodes that are included here, you won’t find a better sampling of absolutely raunchy humor anywhere else. While I actually became rather nauseous while watching some of season two’s episodes, either I got a stronger stomach or…yeah it has to be that, they certainly didn’t water the show down any for this third and final season. The first disc of the set didn’t leave much of an impression on me, perhaps because I’d seen the majority of the episodes presented here when they originally aired (the final seven on disc two I never took the time to watch when they aired), but that’s not to say there aren’t a few there that are phenomenal. “Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!” (thank goodness for copy and paste) is especially hilarious to watch with all of the pop culture references, including the introduction of a Terminator into the story. “N.R.A. y Ray” is equally as hilarious and the mid-season cliffhanger “Lost in Parking Space, Part 1” is also quite good with Clara’s life becoming a mess when she thinks all of her roommates were taken to heaven.

The second disc in the set houses some of my favorites, however; the second part to “Lost in Parking Space” wasn’t the grand return one would hope for, although it was still a solid episode. Fortunately the series picked back up with a string of hilarious episode until the clip-show like finale which really killed the mood (as it did every season). “Drawn Together Babies” was an absolutely disturbing and filthy episode that has me laughing at the antics just by thinking about it. Between the diaper poop opening to the incredibly disturbing origins of everyone’s quirks and personality traits, the episode was just a great parody on the show itself as well as the “Muppet Babies” cartoon from the 90s (which I watched religiously when I was younger…it’s now ruined forever, thanks Drawn Together).

But even that’s not even the episode I found funniest on this set. That honor belongs to “Breakfast Food Killer.” Perhaps it’s the appearance of all of the cereal mascots, but “Breakfast Food Killer” is the standout episode on the set for me. The jokes, pacing and just everything about it is simply spot on with every detail. Perhaps because the episode isn’t so in-your-face as some episodes are I enjoyed the subdued humor more (aside from Toot’s vomit-fest in the beginning, but that was just flat out hilarious anyway), but either way…definitely the highlight of the set for me.

Overall the third and final season of Drawn Together was superb and the show certainly went out on a high note. With Comedy Central’s airwaves too busy with Lil Bush to give Drawn Together another season, fans can only hope for a direct-to-video movie of some kind (which they mentioned on the episodes commentaries…though whether serious or joking, I can’t tell). Drawn Together started out the raunchiest cartoon to ever be made and it took that title and ran with it in more ways than one. This season comes Highly Recommended, but only if you know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand.

Click Here!The third and final season of Drawn Together arrives on DVD in packaging that’s much less flashy than the previous season release. This set has a simple slip case with the entire cast completely naked on the front cover (and, as a surprise, a bit of nipple on Foxxy…well, a surprise just because this is going to be sitting on retail shelves). The nude-tastic slipcase houses two thin-paks with a disc in each and a list of episodes on the reverse of the thin-pak inserts. Menus for the show are simple and easy to navigate and the show’s digital animation looks absolutely fantastic, even if there’s still interlacing that crops up here and there. Audio is a Dolby Digital Stereo mix that remains clean and clear throughout.

Moving onto the extras for this release we have four commentaries on this set to check out. “Greeks and Freaks,” “Lost in Parking Space, Part 1,” “Drawn Together Babies,” and “Breakfast Food Killer” all have commentary with the cast and crew. The participants vary on each commentary, but you can always look forward to hearing from some of the writers and voice actors for the show. The commentaries rarely focus on the episodes themselves, although they talk a bit about the inspiration for “Drawn Together Babies” before the conversation ends up on them trash talking Comedy Central and Lil’ Bush some more.

The other extras on the set include a six-song karaoke (including options to have the verbal words on or off) and promos for the entire series. There are twelve promos in all (7:29) and each one is just as it aired on Comedy Central. They’re split up into seasons so you can view them in lumps that way, but it’s easier to just hit the play all and let it rip. If you even want to watch Promos—they’re a neat extra to have, but seem kind of useless when they could have devoted time to a Drawn Together series retrospective or some such.

Overall this season will be a hit or miss for some people. It was a great representation of what the series was, but the disappointing finale likely left more than a few fans miffed. On one hand you won’t a great finale but on the other you get four entertaining commentaries and…some karaoke and network promos. Ok, so it’s not such an exciting set, but considering the strength of the set as a whole with thirteen solid episodes and a mediocre finale, this one still comes Recommended.


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